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Life is too short and resources too limited to collect all the art that awakens the passion in us. The problem with collecting art is that there is no end to the quest. If one collects for the aesthetic of art, then the acquisitions are driven by emotion, by the heart. If one collects art for the investment potential, then the acquisitions are more likely rationalized, and it is easier to part with pieces if they can return a good yield. Both are perfectly valid approaches to collecting art, but it is the heart that has the most problem with parting, even if it makes financial sense.

When the founders of Africa Rising first started to collect African contemporary and tribal art twenty years ago, their collection slowly grew to the point of impracticality. Space became a constraining factor, but their interest in the art grew with each trip to the continent. It was on one of these trips that the founders fell in love with the stone art of Zimbabwe, and they went on a shopping spree in search of the perfect piece to take home with them. But their enthusiasm was quickly dampened by the high cost of shipping and the reliance on third parties for crating and transport, typically equaling or exceeding the cost of the art itself. In addition, this greatly restricted the potential supply to a few up-market galleries, who naturally focus on the "master" sculptors as they can command the highest prices. The founders decided then and there to buy all the pieces they had found and liked, and to consolidate as one shipment. At the very least, they had acquired a collection for themselves, and kept the cost of packing and shipping to a fraction of the art's value. However, it also compounded their original problem - where to put it all. Something would have to be sold.

Africa Rising was thus borne out of this passion for the art of the continent, and out of the somewhat selfishly inspired motivation to continue to acquire and enjoy, albeit briefly, interesting and beautiful pieces. As a result, the art in this virtual gallery reflects the personal taste and interests of the founders, and it is their hope that Africa Rising will be a means for like-minded collectors to acquire pieces without the hassle, risks, and costs associated with purchasing abroad while on holiday.

Africa Rising, LLC is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The founders, Andrew Wilson and Giannella Alvarez, travel regularly to Africa, constantly updating the gallery's inventory. Where possible and practicable, they purchase directly from the artists. In the case of the artifacts, they restrict themselves to acquiring mostly from collections and every piece is carefully selected for authenticity, aesthetic value, and uniqueness.

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