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Purchasing: At this time, you cannot purchase directly online through the Africa Rising gallery. Please email us at, stating which piece interests you, including the name, artist, and record number, and we will reply with an estimate of the shipping costs and the method of payment.

Shipping: Some of the pieces are very large and extremely heavy. The sculptures range in weight from 6 to 500 pounds, uncrated! Africa Rising will ship all large stone pieces in tailor made wooden crates. Some smaller pieces and the artifacts may be shipped via UPS, at your request. Shipping costs vary widely based on method and size of the piece and we will give you these options directly when you enquire about a specific piece. Although the stone pieces are heavy and extremely durable, they are susceptible to fracture if dropped. Even though we take great care in packing the sculptures, we cannot guarantee they will be handled carefully throughout the shipping process. We will ship insured at the buyers cost unless otherwise directed.

Recognizing that a collection of one is no collection at all, Africa Rising will ship multiple orders at the cost of the single largest piece. The shipping, insurance and delivery costs of all additional pieces in the same order will be at the cost of Africa Rising.

Return Guarantee - Risk Free Trial: Africa Rising offers a 30 day return policy, irrespective of reason, because purchasing art, especially such tactile art as stone sculptures is difficult whether over the internet or direct from a gallery, as only when you have a piece of art in your home, can you truly assess whether it is for you or not. If for whatever reason you wish to return the piece, and we receive it within 30 days from the date it was delivered to you, in the same condition as it was shipped, you will be credited with a full refund excluding the shipping, delivery and insurance costs.

If you returned the piece in preference for another piece, we will ship the alternate piece free of all shipping, delivery and insurance costs.

Quality Guarantee: The sculptures and artifacts are unique, handcrafted objects of art. They have been made from natural materials that have inconsistencies in coloring and patina. In the case of the artifacts, they will show signs of age, cracking, chipping, flaking patina, and discolorations from use. The pieces presented in this gallery are not reproduction pieces. They are authentic in so far as they originate from the stated region, were made by the stated artist (when known), and in the case of the artifacts, have been initiated and used for their purpose. However, we respect that it is impossible to represent an item with 100% accuracy through a website, and for this reason we believe our return policy should give you, the buyer, some peace of mind when entering into a transaction with us.

Viewing: If you live in the Atlanta area, viewing of the sculptures is possible by prior appointment. Please contact us via the details below and we will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you to browse through the collection at our warehouse.

Contact us:
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Telephone - 1 770 730 9565
Facsimile - 1 770 730 9573

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