Reference Sources:

ART AND LIFE IN AFRICA PROJECT by The University of Iowa, The School of Art and Art History. An excellent and comprehensive resource profiling the countries, arts and cultures of Africa.

A must visit site for the serious collector of ancient African artifacts to determine if the artifacts being acquired or already in their possession are protected by national legislation and listed as objects at risk by the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

AFRICAN ART: AESTHETICS AND MEANING, An Electronic Exhibition Catalog, Bayly Art Museum, University of Virginia, Virginia. An interesting study of the aesthetics of African artifacts from the perspective of the moral and religious ideas expressed by the art.

Tribal maps of sub-Saharan Africa.

The Visual Arts of Zimbabwe. A collection of reference links covering the arts and culture of Zimbabwe.

Frank McEwen OBE, the founding father of the Shona Sculpture movement. A fascinating obituary about a remarkable man.

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Décor Africa: Specializing in exotic skins, furniture, unique African arts and crafts.

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