Artist Information
Artist:   Chanakira, Stanford
Birth Place:   Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
Bith Date:  
Death Date:  
Stanford was born in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, in 1984. He is the fourth born in a family of seven. Stanford started sculpting at the age of fourteen when he was still at school, because he was interested in art. He found he had a natural talent and when he left school six months later, due to financial constraints within the family, he decided to become a professional sculptor. He works very hard, sculpting large pieces at Chitungwiza Arts Centre during the day and working on smaller pieces at home during the evening. Stanford was inspired by famous local artists such as Joe Mutasa and Lazarus Takawira, but he has never had a formal apprenticeship and is entirely self-taught. Amazingly for such a young artist, he not only helps support his family but also gives 10% of his income from sculpting to local charities for AIDS orphans and the disadvantaged in the community. Stanford has a very fluid style to hi s pieces and like the sculptures represented on Africa Rising, he concentrates on abstract forms. This Biography and Photo have been reproduced courtesy of

Sculptures created by this artist:
Name: Hidden Beauty
Artist: Chanakira, Stanford
Price: $900
Name: Body Guard
Artist: Chanakira, Stanford
Price: $450
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